Performance & Racing Pressure Plates (Cover) Stages 1,2,3,4,5

Stage 1 – Green.  Clamp load Increase: 10%-15%,

Stage 2 – Yellow. Clamp load Increase :20%-30%

Stage 3 –  Red. Clamp load Increase: 30%-45%

Stage 4 – Red. Clamp load Increase: 50%-65%

Stage 5 – Red. Clamp Load Increase: 75%-100%

Our pressure plates provide extended clutch life with excellent clamping force and significant reduction of slippage. All of our pressure plates interchange exactly with a stock pressure plate without any shimming or modification. To boost up the torque capacity, we use a very unique technology of changing diaphragm pressure angles, plus a 3-stage heat-treating process. This results in a holding capacity rise up to 10% – 100%.

For applications that require an even higher clamping force, we suggest our exclusive Laser Cut diaphragms. These are made of a thicker than stock spring steel, with a holding capacity anywhere from 100% to 250%!!!